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partners and clients covering international leading companies in specialized fields.


Businesses in 15 countries have been helped by us to get quality product services and the best user experience.


kinds of products cover almost all product categories of latex gloves and nitrile gloves industry.


satisfaction is the best feedback of our pursuit of stable product quality, sufficient supply and fast service response.

Our Products

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nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves have anti-static properties and good air permeability, widely used in light industrial operations, precision instruments and electronic operations.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are coated with natural latex and foam wrinkle-resistant finish for a flat, soft surface and comfortable grip.

PU Gloves & Garden Gloves

PU coated palm, nylon inner village, the gloves are suitablefor wearing, with a strong palm grip, Bexible movement andbreathability.

Cut-resistance Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are highly rated, cut resistant and abrasion resistant. Flexible and comfortable. Resistant to oil, acid, alkali, penetration and corrosion.

Protective Gloves

Encrypted knit provide higher level of protection againstcut and stab. Palmsurface can bedipped in nitrile, lates, PU andother materials.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves not only strong enough and insulating enough not to beallergenic the skin, but also able to reducehand fatique and resistant to acids and alkalis.

About RAYWAY Gloves

We are dedicated to the production and sale of labor protection gloves, and we work with top industry players from local wholesalers or small factories to large multinational corporations in many countries. We provide product solutions for companies large and small, and no other company in the industry offers this level of flexibility and personalized customer service!

Your Preferred Supplier of Labor Gloves

Discover our extensive range of products that fulfill the diverse needs of our customers with effective solutions. Our streamlined one-stop solutions simplify your purchasing process, saving you time and effort. Our professional technical support ensures efficient use of products and timely resolution of problems. With our efficient logistics network, you can expect timely delivery of your products, minimizing disruption to your operations. Choose us as your trusted supplier and experience the value we bring to your business.

RAYWAY Gloves will be your best choice!

We are constantly innovating and working with the top suppliers in the industry to maximize the quality of your products. We respond quickly and have easy access to international logistics, saving you money and ensuring that your goods are delivered on time.

Our Partners

Client Testimonials

Our trading company does business with a number of chemical suppliers and RAYWAY Gloves has really provided us with high quality products and has helped us increase our revenue over the past few years.
Jonas Muller
Distributor In Germany
I can honestly say that having worked with RAYWAY Gloves over the pastthree years / would consider them as one of the most professional, clients.focused, and product quality-driven company's that have worked within recent years.
Paul Ryan
Wholesaler In USA
We have been working with RAYWAY Gloves for a long time. I like their one-stop shopping, they help us solve a lot of problems, product quality is guaranteed and the price is very suitable.
Adrian Kane
Multinational company purchasing manager

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